Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board Issues Call For Bids

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News Release

For Immediate Release
April 28th, 2015


(Halifax, Nova Scotia) The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) has issued Call for Bids NS15-1 for Exploration Licences consisting of nine (9) parcels. Bids must be received by October 29, 2015 before 4:00 p.m. Atlantic Time.

Parcels 1-7 are located on the western and central Scotian Shelf and slope adjacent to current Exploration Licences held by Shell Canada Limited and partners, and BP Canada Energy Group ULC and partners. Parcels 8 and 9 are located on the Scotian Shelf in the Sable Subbasin.

“Recent geoscience studies indicate the 7 western and central parcels have potential for both oil and gas,” said Stuart Pinks, CNSOPB CEO. “The 2 parcels in the Sable Subbasin have proven oil and gas reserves based on the results of previous drilling.”

The CNSOPB has conducted a comprehensive geoscientific assessment of the parcels. In addition, the CNSOPB has conducted Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) on these areas to identify potential environmental effects that may be associated with oil and gas activity. The findings in these SEAs must be further considered in project-specific Environmental Assessments. Detailed geoscience and regulatory information can be found on the CNSOPB website at

"The successful bidder(s) will be awarded Exploration Licences subject to federal and provincial Ministerial approval." said Pinks.

The CNSOPB provides the opportunity for the public to submit written comments on the Call for Bids. Written submissions must be received by July 6th, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. Atlantic Time. Such submissions will be posted on and will be considered by the CNSOPB before making decisions with respect to the possible issuance of Exploration Licences.

The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board is the independent joint agency of the Governments of Canada and Nova Scotia responsible for the regulation of petroleum activities and resources offshore Nova Scotia.


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Full Background Information including mapped location of parcels can be found at